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D. E. Lee



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Muleskinner JournalPushcart Prize nomination, 2023, for "Crawfish" (published).
Cincinnati Review, Robert and Adele Shiff Award, 2022, honorable mention for "Hard Then Easy" (unpublished).
Cincinnati Review, Robert and Adele Shiff Award, 2018, honorable mention for "Blueberry Bird" (unpublished).

Prairie Schooner Book Prize, 2018, finalist for collected short stories, The Floating Lamp: Collected Tales (unpublished).
Brighthorse Books Prize for novel, 2015, winner for The Sky After Rain (published).
New Letters, Alexander Cappon Prize, 2015, finalist for "The Switch" (unpublished).
Bayou Magazine, James Knudsen Prize, 2015, finalist for "The Foley Artist" (unpublished).
Arcadia Magazine short fiction contest, 2015, finalist for "Blueberry Bird" (unpublished).
Glimmer Train, Dec. 2013 Fiction Open, honorable mention for "The Gappadoko" (unpublished).
Nelson Algren Award, 2014, finalist for "Love Like the Sky" (published).
Mixed Fruit Pushcart Prize nomination, 2013, for "Skimmington Riding" (published).
Palooka Prize, 2011, finalist for "Everything Goes to the Sea" (unpublished).
Nimrod Literary Awards, semi-finalist, 2011, for "The Face of the Little Wife" (unpublished, later published by Mixed Fruit).
Redivider's Beacon Street Prize, 2011, finalist for "Persistence" (unpublished).


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The Sky After Rain (novel) available at Brighthorse BooksAmazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Wednesdays With Frank (contributor: "The Black and the Black Cat") available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Mexico Beach, Running Wild Novella Anthology, Volume 4. Released January 1, 2021 

Water of the Heart, The Write Launch, Issue 21, January 2019.


"Crawfish," Muleskinner Journal, (direct to story here) published April 25, 2023 (nominated for Pushcart 2023).
"We Have Time Later," The Adirondack Review, accepted for publication, Spring 2022. (Defunct-never printed/published.)
"The Judas Window," Barely South Review, Fall v. 13.1, 2021
"Valentine," South Dakota Review, Volume 55, Nos. 1 & 2, 2021

"The Horseshoe Crab," Flyway: Journal of Writing & the Environment, Fall 2019.
"Alice Box," Swamp Ape Review, Vol. II, Spring 2019.
"KQ673," Palooka, Issue 10, April 2019.
"The Silence of a Sound (San Marco)," Little Patuxent Review, Issue 24, Summer 2018. 
"Solar Eclipse," Cecile's Writers' Magazine, April 2018. (Appears defunct)
"The Floating Lamp," Quiddity, Vol. 10, 2017.
"Woodwork," Lindenwood Review, Issue 6, 2016.
"Gretchen Hayes," Festival Writer, 2:12, November 2014. (Appears defunct)
"Rookie Fish," Saw Palm, Issue 9, 2014.
"At the Boarding House," Spry Journal, Issue 5, 2014.
"Love Like the Sky," Chicago Tribune Printer's Row Journal, Finalist 2014 Nelson Algren Award (Tribune insert).
"The Screaming Cat," Siren, Issue 5, Summer 2014.
"Fuel Gauge," Prairie Wolf Press Review, Issue VI, Fall 2013. (Appears defunct)
"The Face of the Little Wife," Mixed Fruit, Issue 7, Winter 2013.
"The Call," The Helix - Literary and Art Magazine, Fall 2012 (unavailable at their site or archives).
"Placement, Or the Sound of Caves," Lunch Ticket, Winter/Spring 2013.
"Swampman," Prick of the Spindle, Issue 3, 2012.
"Skimmington Riding," Mixed Fruit, Issue 5, 2012 (nominated for Pushcart 2013).
"Perdido," Conclave: A Journal of Character, Vol. 3, Spring 2012.
"The Eggs," Broad River Review, 2012.
"Contour Lines," Alligator Juniper, 2011.
"Waiting for the Rain to Stop," Emerald Coast Review, Vol. VII, 1997.


"Truth's Fiction: A Review of True Fiction" by Sohrab Homi Fracis, Atticus Review, (published February 19, 2024)

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